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Hot water circulator

Run the cold main through the building to the place where the MOR is to be installed. Take care not to run the cold pipe near hot water or heating pipe work so that the heat pick-up is minimized. Identify the cold water supply pipe and fit an isolating valve (not supplied). A 22mm BS1010 stopcock can typically be used but a 22mm quarter turn full bore valve would be better as it does not restrict the flow as much. Do not use “screwdriver slot” or similar valves. Make the connection to the cold feed of the cylinder and incorporate a drain valve. Position the inlet control just ABOVE the Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (TPRV) mounted on the side of the cylinder. This ensures that the cylinder does not have to be drained down in order to service the inlet control set. Ensure that the arrow points in the direction of the water flow. Select a suitable position for the expansion vessel. Mount it to the wall using the bracket provided. Use the flexible hose provided to connect to the inlet control group.