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Faucet and fixture

The bathroom faucet that you install in your home is a hard-working fixture, but there's no need to sacrifice durability for aesthetics with the modern array of beautiful and long lasting faucets on the market today. There are so many styles, models, and finishes to choose from - perhaps the hardest part of buying your new bathroom faucet will be to narrow your choice down to just one!

While shopping for your perfect faucet, you should have a few concepts in mind before you make your decision. Determine what type of handles you prefer, such as single handle or double, the style of faucet that best suits your d├ęcor, the finish you want and will it complement your existing bathroom fixtures, whether the faucet you buy will be easily installed in your current sink, and the dollar amount that you wish to budget for the purchase. Keep in mind that many manufacturers package the actual bathroom faucet separately from the handles that you will need to accompany it, necessitating that you purchase the handles separately.